Capacity Building Training : These trainings provide information, knowledge to women which help them to understand their own situation and how to face the situation. This training also helps to change their attitude. MAVIM organize these trainings on different level in different stages of the life cycles of self help groups.

  • SHG Concept Training – At the beginning of group formation MAVIM Sahayoginies conduct SHG concept training for all the SHG members. These trainings help women to understand importance of SHG, function of SHG, their role in SHG.
  • Book Keeping / Accounts Training – Saving is one of the important activity of the Self Help Groups which bring women together initially. The proper record of savings and internal lending help to develop trust among each other. Account
    training helps women to know how to keep account records properly.
  • Leadership Development training – Leaders plays an important role in group development. Each group has three leaders, their responsibility to lead the group. Leaders need to understand group dynamic, development stages and role of leader. Leadership training provide all the inputs required to a good leader.
  • Gender Sensitization Training – In the process of women empowerment, gender sensitization training plays an important role by making women aware about their own status and importance.
  • Functional Literacy – This training help women to understand the functions of different institutions and organisations which play important role in their day to day life such as Grampanchayat, Zilla parishad, bank, post office, police patil etc.
  • Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRI) – This training gives information to SHG women in functioning of Panchayat Raj and the role of women in panchayat raj which leads to the increased participation of women in panchayatraj.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – Self Help Groups develop through various stages. Each stage is very important for development of SHG. These trainings make SHG women understand how to monitor and evaluate their own groups at different
  • Village Level Committee – VLC is an umbrella body of all SHG s formed in a village. This training gives focus on roles & responsibilities of VLC’s , functions of VLC and how to develop village development plan in convergence with Grampanchayat.
  • CMRC – This is an umbrella body of all formed SHGs in a compact of geographical cluster. This training gives conceptual training on CMRC concept, roles & responsibilities and their functions.

Apart from these stipulated trainings, MAVIM organizes different need base training for the SHG members such as health training, etc.

Resource Pool
MAVIM is engaged in SHGs movement since last fifteen years. MAVIM has several experience staff working at various levels. These trainers are experts in grassroots Institution building, Livelihoods, Women empowerment and Micro Finance services.

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