Mavim Operations

MAVIM is implementing developmental programs in all 34 districts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai sub urban areas. The headquarter of MAVIM is based at Mumbai and MAVIM has offices at every district to implement developmental schemes in rural areas. The District Coordinating officer (DCO) is the executive head of district office and assisted by Assistant District Coordinating officer, Account officer, Assistant Monitoring Officer, Clerks in addition to around 35-40
Sahyoginies who act as field workers in the field. Each sahayogini form & support around 30-40 SHG’s & cover 8-10 villages in the districts and she is responsible to provide the basic capacity building training inputs to SHG members depending upon their age and level of maturity and also nurture them qualitatively.

Women’s Empowerment-A Gradual Process
We all will agree that women empowerment is not a program or project but it is a gradual process. In the process of empowerment a women is enabled to think & plan about the development of her own self and gradually about her own family and her community, to take initiative in the decision making processes, and also to execute the decisions in her own way ultimately to achieve the developmental objectives.

Self Help Group (SHG)- An effective tool of Empowerment
Women’s organization plays a vital role in women’s empowerment. Self help group (SHG) is very effective media to organize women & has been accepted all over the world. SHG is a homogeneous group of people from common, social, economic background & is a proven tool which has inculcated the culture of regular saving & repayment amongst the poor women. The processes of economic empowerment as will as social empowerment begin with model of SHGs. It enables women to transform her
thinning from "ME" to "WE". The model of SHG is really being proved very effective in the processes of women empowerment as a whole.

Programs Based on the concept of SHG
IFAD assisted Maharashtra Rural Credit Program (MRCP) was implemented by MAVIM during 1994-2002. The program has been proved successful in the terms of providing an access to credit, information, and knowledge to poor rural women. It facilitated MAVIM to reorient its strategies for women’s empowerment and MAVIM had taken a revolutionary decision in September 2001 that not to implement any commercial schemes & to take up only the implementation of women empowerment programs through
the medium of SHG’s. Followed by MRCP, MAVIM had implemented various developmental schemes assisted by central 7 state Govt. through medium of SHG’s. The details of presently implemented schemes are as follows.

Scheme details

Sr. No Name of the scheme Area Period (Year)
1. Tejaswini Maharashtra Rural Women empowerment program
33 Districts 2007 to 2015
2. Minority Women Empowerment Program (MWEP) 10 Districts 2007 to 2011
3. 4% Low interest rate scheme 33 Districts 2008 to till now
4. Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra (CAIM) 06 Districts 2011 to 2017
5. Skill Training for women 33 Districts 2012 to 2014
6. Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission (MSRLM) 03 Districts 2013 to 2016
7. Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP) 33 Districts 2014 to 2016

Tejaswini Maharashtra Rural Women empowerment program
Government of Maharashtra and IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) assisted "Tejaswini Maharashtra Rural Women Empowerment Program" It is a program aimed at providing stability and sustainability to the SHG movement in the state. It is based on following four work components.

  • Grassroots Institution Building
  • Micro Finance Services
  • Livelihood & Micro Enterprise development
  • Women Empowerment(Social equity)

Salient features of Tejaswini Maharashtra Rural Women Empowerment Program

  • Program is for 8 years and is implemented in more than 10495 villages in 33 districts of Maharashtra.
  • SHGs will be supported with the coverage of ten lakh women.
  • In order to sustain the SHG movement the model of Community Managed Resource Centre. (CMRC) will be established. The grassroots institution building will be a three level structure as whole.
  • At the end of the program, 315 CMRCs (one CMRC for every 150-200 SHGs) will be operational.
  • A village Level Committee (VLC) of three or more SHGs in formed.
  • At the end of the program, income of families involved under the program will increase and income generation resources will be owned by women.

Community Managed Resource Center (CMRC)

  • The Community Managed Resource Center (CMRC) is a federation of around 150-200 SHGs formed in a cluster of around twenty villages, within the radius of 20 to 25 k.m. All SHGs in the cluster, regardless of the agency that promoted them, will be eligible to become members and avail of the services of the CMRC. The CMRCs are registered organization under society’s Act 1860.
  • The CMRC is functioning with a comprehensive and holistic agenda for area development. The overall role of the CMRC is to provide the basis primary services to SHGs, that is –capacity building training to members, bank linkages, gradation, and audit of SHGs.  The CMRC also provide specialized services to SHGs such as assessing the livelihood needs of SHGs, tapping the required resources through convergence with various government schemes and services and enabling
    the SHGs to access them and take up community development programmers.
  • MAVIM will support CMRCs for the first few years of the project period on a reducing scale. Thus the SHGs will make a contribution to the running of the CMRC right from the very beginning. CMRCs should strive to become self reliant from the fourth year of their establishment.

Minority Women Empowerment Program (MWEP)

MAVIM & Maharashtra  state Minorities Commission, Mumbai have taken a project called "Minorities women Empowerment Program" for the selected pockets of Mumbai and eight districts of Maharashtra i.e. Malegaon, Karanja, Bhiwandi, Nanded, Parbhani, Bhusawal etc. In the 8 years of the program MAVIM will form the 2600 SHGs & also CMRC.

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4% Low interest rate scheme

4% Low interest rate scheme (Providing subsidized loan to women SHGs in the State)
SHG movement has spread to a wider scale in the state of Maharashtra from last decade. However the linkages of SHGs with banks, amount of bank loan by banks and heavy interest charges on SHG loan are the key challenges before the movement. Taking this into account, Government of Maharashtra has launched a scheme of "Providing subsidized loan to women SHGs in the State" The scheme is applicable to the non subsidized women SHGs formed by MAVIM and NABARD.

Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra (CAIM)

The six districts in the vidharbha region namely Akola, Amravati, Buldana, Washim,Yeotmal, Wardha Govt. of Maharashtra & IFAD for CAIM Project.

Programme Overview Goal and Objectives
The overall goal of CAIM Programme is to “contribute to the development of resilient production, sustainable and diversified household, on-farm and off-farm livelihoods, allowing households to face production and market risks without falling back into poverty and distress.”

The key programme purposes and objectives are to; (i) improve household incomes from diversified farming and from off-farm activities; (ii) render farming systems resilient with the introduction of organic and low-input contract farming; (iii) facilitate the involvement of farmers groups in primary processing, quality enhancement and marketing; (iv) empower women through micro-finance and micro-enterprises; and (v) achieve convergence of government programmes and resources through ATMA.

Role & Responsibilities of MAVIM
MAVIM will be responsible for the following

  • MAVIM is working one of the implementing Agency for Grass Roots Institution Building Components. MAVIM is working 32 old CMRC & 11new CMRCs in District. 
  • To ensure that the targeting criteria of IFAD have been met with reference  to Self Help
  • To meet all the operational and implementation requirement of SHG and CMRC.
  • Build capacity of CMRC staff i.e Manager, sahayogini and accountant
  • Ensure the self sustainability of CMRC
  • Ensure active involvement in the First Main Review, Second Main Review, Project completion review, and annual join Reviews.

Skill Training for women

Skill Mission

Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM) had received sanctioning to implement the Skill based training to the women members from Women and Child Development Department as Government Resolution MAVIM-2011/L. No. 81/ Desk 10 on dated 31.03.2012. At initially the scheme was implemented in23 districts as  per revised Government resolution as MAVIM 2011/L. No. 81/Desk 10 on dated 22.02.2014.

Under this that 75% of the beneficiaries are from Self Help Groups (SHGs) promoted by MAVIM in Rural and Urban areas and the reaming 25% of the beneficiaries are other than the SHGs. For implementing this scheme MAVIM had to empanel the technical agencies As per the Government Resolution it is proposed that 80% women participated in this skill training from the technical agencies will receive regular employment opportunities. The technical agencies will also support
forward and backward linkages to the activity initiated by the women.

Under this Skill Training Programme the trades are as Tailoring, Beauty Parlor, Artificial Jewellery, File and folder making, Fashion Designing, Bag Making, Catering, Computer, Dairy, Poultry, Goatry, Spices cultivation and processing, Vegetable cultivation and Marketing, food processing, Floriculture, Mobile repairing, Retail Management, House Keeping, turmeric processing and marketing, Chili Powder processing and marketing, NTFP processing and marketing, etc.

In the year 2013-14 MAVIM has trained 8,858 women SHG members across the state of Maharashtra. Out of this 3,065 women member get self employed under different activities.

Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission (MSRLM)

MAVIM had entered into an MOU with MSRLM from 17th April 2013. MAVIM is engaged as an ‘IMPLEMENTATION AND TECHNICAL PARTNER’ MSRLM
in 6 Block of 3 district Thane (Bhivandi, Shahapur), Solapur (Malshiraj, Mohal) and Gondia (Salekasa, Tiroda).  MAVIM will support 295 villages and 1972 existing SHGs and will expand in 694 villages in upcoming 3 years.
Features of this program

    • Presently this program is for 3 year, contract will renew on the basis of performance.
    • MAVIM will act as Technical expert & Implementing Agency.
    • Program will implement on Sahyogini model.
  • Program will implement as per the case principal given by MSRLM.   

Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP)

Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM), Mumbai and Vasundhara Watershed Development Agency(VWDA), Pune as nodal agency of Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) of Government of Maharashtra had signed Memorandum of Understanding under the Livelihood component of IWMP programme on promotion, strengthening  and capacity building of SHGs for sustainable livelihood development the first three batches (Year 2009-10 to 2011-12) of IWMP project across the state of Maharashtra.

  • Promotion and capacity building of Self Help Groups under Batch I to III (the villages covered under IWMP project from year 2009 to 2012).
  • Strengthening of existing SHGs formed by MAVIM and IWMP in MAVIM covered 3,200 villages.
  • New formation of around 50,000 Self Help Groups with bank accounts in the existing and new villages of IWMP during 03 years period after signing the MOU. 
  • Promotion support of Livelihood Action Plans for the Self Help Group members in the project area.
  • Facilitating financing to the Self Help Groups promoted for sustainable livelihood promotion through bank and / or sources available under project.

Under IWMP programme for first three batches 813 projects are in implementation. In this 813 project in totality 8,063 villages are covered in all the 33 districts of Maharashtra. MAVIM is working in 3,200 villages out of 8,063 villages in this first three Batches of IWMP programme. In these 3,200 villages MAVIM is already promoted the SHGs which will be strengthening in Livelihood perspective. In the reaming 4,863 villages MAVIM will conduct scope mapping for promotion of new
SHGs and strengthening of already promoted SHGs under IWMP programme.

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