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  • Worshipping Laxmi

The broom is an ordinary object of daily use but is essential to every household. It is such an ordinary thing that any literary piece beginning with the word broom might be mistaken to be as mundane. However, what is more surprising is that there can be a village where the broom is unavailable for sale. However, this is exactly what the village MasleChaudhari in Solapur faced.

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  • Contentment of fruitful effort

The grapes of Nashik, the oranges of Nagpur, the bananas from Jalgaon, the chikoos from Dahanu, and ultimately, the Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri; all of these are known according to the cities that they are cultivated in. Even if we don’t live in the place they are cultivated, we still relish them.

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  • Ghar Doghanche

The property rights of women in India are governed by a complex set of personal laws with separate provisions for Christians, Muslims, tribals and Hindus (which includes Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains). There is therefore no single right to property for women in India. This diversity of laws is increased by the ability of the centre and states to both legislate upon this topic. The irony is that the sole common factor in these plethora of laws is the lack of constitutional protection for these rights with only a reference to the non-justiciable directive principles.

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  • Organic Rice Cultivation by System of Rice Intensification in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra

Agricultural activities in the field are carried out by both the man and woman in the household. Women perform activities such as seeding and weeding which require them to bend and work for long hours in the field. This caused considerable amount of drudgery for women who, aside from farming, also perform household activities on a daily basis.

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  • प्रतीक्षेने केली प्रगती

गावात गुरेबंदी करण्यासाठी प्रतिक्षा ताई एकप्रकारे पेटूनच उठल्या. गावातल्या महिलांची एक मिटींगच घेउन टाकली. महिलांनीही मग कंबर कसली आणि ग्रामपंचायतीकडे पाठपुरावा करुन गावात २००५ साली गुरेबंदी करण्याचा कायदाच करुन घेतला.

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